WPMUDev Smush Pro

Wpmudev smush pro

WPMUDev Smush Pro

With the amazingly strong and 100 percent free WordPress picture smusher, brought to you by the superteam at WPMU DEV!, optimize photos, toggle on lazy load, resize, compress & boost your Google Page Pace.

And if you spell it ‘optimize’ or ‘optimize’, without a noticeable drop in quality, Smush will compress photos.

The fastest way to make your site load super fast is image optimization!

Smush was benchmarked and tested for pace and consistency at number one. It is also WordPress’ award-winning, back-to-back tested audience favorite image optimization & image compression plugin.

Lossless compression-Strip unused images of data and compress without affecting the quality of the image.
Lazy Load-Defer pictures with the flip of a switch offscreen.
Bulk Smush – Optimize & compress up to 50 photos with one click.
Picture Resizing-Set a maximum width and height, and when they are compressed, large images will scale down.
Incorrect Size Picture Detection-Locate photos that slow down your site quickly.
Smush directory: Optimize photos even though they are not in the media library.
Automated optimization- Auto-smush your attachments asynchronously for super quick compression on upload.
Optimize all of your photos up to 5 MB in size without monthly limitations, free forever (no regular, monthly, or annual caps).
Gutenberg Block Integration – Display all Smush stats directly in picture blocks.
Multisite Compatible-Offers Multisite settings both internationally and individually.
For optimal performance, Process All Your Files-Smush can process PNG, JPEG, and GIF files.
Super Servers – Smush images with no slowdown using WPMU DEV’s fast, stable Smush API.
Convert to WebP (Pro Only) – Update and automatically serve photos in Next-Gen WebP format.
And lots, lots, lots more!
How to get the most out of optimization for Smush Image
How To Ace Google’s Image Page Speed Smush Recommendations
How to maximize photos in bulk with Smush
Some tools for image compression kill images with a quality loss of as much as 30 percent. Our servers strip your images of secret bulky information and decrease the file size without affecting the appearance.

Smush carefully checks every picture you upload – or have already added to your web – cuts all the redundant data and scales it for you before uploading it to your media collection. And it can serve images in the WebP format.

You may want to compress the photos saved in other files in addition to smushing your media uploads. Smush now lets you compress every file in any directory so that you can optimize all the images on your web – like NextGEN images, images stored on Amazon S3 using WP Offload Media and images in Any WordPress plugin and theme kit!

Smush has you covered, no matter what theme or plugins you use to help control your WordPress media collection. Check out just a few of the popular products with which Smush works to make your site faster and more effective:

WP All Import
WP Media Offload
Folder for WP Media
2x WP Retina
Galery of NextGen
Gallery Envira
Avada Fusion Builder
Styles Over
And lots, lots, lots more!
IMAGE Identification INCORRECT Scale
Smush contains a wrong scale picture finder. Enable, and smart tips for scaling your images will highlight your images. On your Google PageSpeed test, easily find the photos that prevent you from having the perfect 100.

Smush has incorporated lazy load. Lazy loading will dramatically speed up your page if your page has a lot of images below the fold by serving only the images being displayed and delaying others further down the page.

“I had no idea that the photos were weighing down my page load time. “The plugin almost halved the time it took.”-Karlcww

In Photoshop, I optimize my images, but Smush makes it so easy; it does it automatically. Helen4322 I can just sit back and enjoy the pace.^ ⁇

“Smush helped reduce the total files size on my web and improved browsing speed. Oh, well done boys! -pdci, “pdci”

With an API key or other additional installation measures, it is really discreet and does not annoy me. The plugin’s key dashboard provides me with nice insight. Overall it really suits my needs and I’ll be able to upgrade to pro if my needs change. Without hesitation, I would recommend it to customers / friends. Keep it up! —Tarkan –

What is MultiSite?
To optimize all the photos in your entire network, Smush can be used! Using global settings or manually customize each of the pages.

No complicated compression device settings, Smush is super simple to use. Smush images one at a time into your library or smush up to 50 images at a time in bulk. Plus, configure auto-smush to scale and compress some or all of your photos as they are uploaded asynchronously-it is incredibly quick.

The quicker your site loads, the more it will cater to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Your site is going to load quicker and rank higher.

However, if you want Super Smush lossy compression, quick distribution of CDN images, WebP conversion, automatic resizing, the ability to optimize (or optimize) images up to 32 MB, bulk smush optimization in just one click for all your images, auto-convert PNG to JPEG, the ability to smush and copy your full-size images (to restore them at any point), with WP S you can always take the next step. And get even more with her entire team of WordPress hero friends optimization (security, SEO, results, help, and maintenance automation)-trusted by thousands of site maintenance services provided by agencies and freelancers.

On your website, Smush does not communicate with end users. The only input option Smush has is to subscribe to a newsletter for site administrators only.

To send informative emails (Opt-in) to the site administrator, Smush uses a third party email service (Mailchimp). The email address of the administrator is sent to Mailchimp, and the service sets a cookie. Only administrator data is collected via Mailchimp.

To optimize them for web use, Smush sends pictures to the WPMU DEV servers. This means moving data from the EXIF. It will either strip the EXIF data or return it as it is. It is not stored on the DEV servers of WPMU.

Aktuelle Version v3.16.3
Zuletzt aktualisiert May 17, 2024
Originalprodukt & Demo ansehen Originalprodukt & Demo ansehen

Aktuelle Version v3.16.3
Zuletzt aktualisiert May 17, 2024
Originalprodukt & Demo ansehen Originalprodukt & Demo ansehen

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