Snax Viral Content Builder

Snax viral content builder

Snax Viral Content Builder

Snax Viral Content Builder

The Snax WordPress plugin is a powerful tool for creating viral content on your website. It offers both frontend and backend interfaces for users and editors to create various types of content, including quizzes, polls, lists, memes, and more. Here are some of the key features and capabilities of the Snax plugin:

Frontend Interface:

  1. User-Generated Content: Snax allows site visitors to create posts themselves, making it easy for users to contribute content to your website.
  2. Frontend Uploader: Users can upload content via a simple front-end uploader, eliminating the need for them to access the WordPress backend.
  3. Social Login: Users can log in or register using popular social networks, streamlining the registration process.
  4. Voting System: Users can upvote or downvote every submitted content, allowing the community to decide which content is most popular.
  5. Pagination: Integrated pagination ensures that content is organized and easily accessible.
  6. Social Sharing: The plugin includes integrated social sharing buttons, making it easy for users to share content with their networks.
  7. Ad Integration: Snax seamlessly integrates with the WP QUADS plugin for custom ad locations, helping you monetize your content.
  8. Custom Widget: A custom widget displays recently updated lists, keeping your audience engaged.

Backend Interface:

  1. Editor Access: Backend access for admins and editors allows them to create content, manage user-generated posts, and oversee the site’s content.
  2. Content Formats: Snax supports various content formats, including stories with a WYSIWYG editor, memes created using the Meme Generator, trivia quizzes, personality quizzes, polls, versus comparisons, hot or not ratings, images, galleries, audio, video, and embedded content from social media sites.
  3. Open, Ranked, and Regular Lists: Snax offers multiple list types, including open lists that allow anyone to submit new items, ranked lists that enable voting for the best submissions, and regular lists.
  4. Flexible Configuration: You can disable any item type, show list statuses and item counts in post titles, allow rich text editing for items, enable comments on single list items, and allow voting on both individual list items and entire lists.


  • Create trivia quizzes or personality quizzes.
  • Quizzes can be created from both the frontend and backend.
  • Configure options, such as when to reveal correct or wrong answers, define the number of questions per page, and allow users to share their results.


  • Create classic polls, versus comparisons, or hot or not polls.
  • Like quizzes, polls can be created from both frontend and backend interfaces.
  • Configure when to reveal results, set the number of questions per page, and allow users to share their results.


  • Various list types are supported, including open, ranked, and regular lists.
  • Lists can include items of different types, such as images, videos, audio, text, or embedded content.
  • Fine-tune list settings, including the ability to allow voting on items and entire lists.

Snax empowers your website with interactive, engaging, and shareable content, enhancing user interaction and driving more traffic to your site. It’s a versatile tool for creating viral content and community engagement.

Current Version 1.90
Last Updated September 7, 2021
View Original Product & Demo View Original Product & Demo

Current Version 1.90
Last Updated September 7, 2021
View Original Product & Demo View Original Product & Demo

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