Hide My WP Security Plugin for WordPress

Hide my wp security plugin for wordpress

Hide My WP Security Plugin for WordPress

Hide My WP Security Plugin for WordPress

Hide My WP Premium is a WordPress security plugin that primarily focuses on security through obscurity, which means it hides and changes common paths, plugins, and themes in WordPress to protect against hacker bot attacks. It offers several security features to enhance your website’s safety. Some of the main features and functionalities of Hide My WP Premium include:

  1. Hiding and Redirecting Paths: The plugin hides and redirects common WordPress paths, such as the wp-admin and wp-login URLs. It can redirect them to a 404 error page or a custom page of your choice.
  2. Customization: You can customize various URLs, such as the wp-admin, wp-login, password reset, registration, and more. This customization makes it more challenging for hackers to target specific paths.
  3. Changing Plugin and Theme Paths: Hide My WP Premium modifies the URLs for plugins, themes, categories, and tags. These changes enhance the security through obscurity by hiding the common paths that hackers might target.
  4. SQL Injection and Brute Force Protection: The plugin adds filters and security layers to prevent SQL injections and brute force attacks. It includes additional security measures like captcha math to thwart brute force attempts.
  5. XML-RPC Attack Prevention: XML-RPC attacks are a common vector for malicious activity. Hide My WP Premium includes measures to protect your website from XML-RPC attacks.
  6. File and Directory Changes: While no physical file or directory is altered, the plugin works by setting up redirects to hide common paths and paths to themes and plugins, enhancing security.
  7. Daily Safety Checks and Updates: The plugin provides daily safety checks and updates, helping to keep your website secure and up-to-date with the latest security measures.
  8. Cache CSS, JS, and Images: To improve loading speed, Hide My WP Premium offers the option to cache CSS, JavaScript, and images.
  9. Backup and Restoration: It includes backup and restoration features, which can be crucial in case of any security incidents or unintended changes.
  10. Removing Personalized Text from HTML Code: This feature allows you to remove personalized text from HTML code, which can be useful for security and branding.
  11. Removing JavaScript Comments: The plugin removes JavaScript comments from your WordPress site, helping to reduce the exposure of your site’s code.
  12. Hiding WordPress Version: It hides the WordPress version number, making it harder for attackers to target known vulnerabilities in specific versions.

Hide My WP Premium is designed to enhance the security of WordPress websites by employing security through obscurity techniques. By changing and hiding common paths, the plugin aims to reduce the risk of hacker bot attacks and brute force attempts. However, it’s essential to note that security through obscurity should not be the sole security measure, and other security practices should also be implemented.

Current Version 6.2.11
Last Updated September 23, 2023
View Original Product & Demo View Original Product & Demo

Current Version 6.2.11
Last Updated September 23, 2023
View Original Product & Demo View Original Product & Demo

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